Brother Rabbit Brother Rabbit

Our inspiration:

*Br'er Rabbit is a trickster who succeeds by his wits rather than by brawn, provoking authority figures and bending social mores as he sees fit.  The character’s adventures embody an idea considered to be a universal creation among oppressed peoples—that a small, weak, but ingenious force can overcome a larger, stronger power. 

Brother Rabbit
is a collection of storytellers with diverse backgrounds coming together as a scalable content development and production company. 

We provide a supportive environment for artists to enjoy creative freedom, while sharing our knowledge, experience and resources to craft the perfect message to reach our client's target audience. We thrive on collaborating with clients and creatives from all walks of life in pursuit of creating compelling and engaging work.

Scalable Excellence; regardless of scope or size, we excel at solving artistic challenges to create authentic, memorable work, Let's face it, the best damn work possible.